The History of Miskanaw


In 1967, discussions occurred between the community, Athabasca Realty and Great Canadian Oil Sands (GCOS) personnel interested in the course. The course began as a plan for a driving range and three holes on the town side of the dyke at the Snye, this original plan was never completed. During that same year Mr. John Lambert presented the board with a proposal for the use of MacDonald Island as a park and recreation area. AVC and GCOS would supply all equipment to clear the grounds for this purpose. 

By 1968, the site plans had been developed from the photography, the mapping had been done, and the physical features of the island were being examined. At the same time, design work was being completed for the golf course and a proposal was put forward for MacDonald Island to be made available for sport and recreation. Over the course of three years there were approvals for land leases, development, and a club house.

In 1972, a motion was passed that authorized the signing of the lease, and so the Miskanaw Golf Club on MacDonald Island was born. The Miskanaw Golf Course was lengthened to a par 72 in 1987.

Further more, the Miskanaw Golf Club celebrated the completion of a modern redesign and redevelopment in 2015. The course continues to enhance and expand the user experience each season to meet the modern needs of its members and visitors.

 The Miskanaw Golf Club is one of the founding amenities of MacDonald Island Park and remains a classic treasure of the community.

Rich in history, the origins of the Miskanaw Golf Club date back to 1966 and a meeting between representatives of the community and the Adult Vocational Training Centre (AVC).

The AVC, now known as Keyano College, was prepared to undertake clearing for a golf course if the town agreed to be involved and a suitable site was selected. MacDonald Island was suggested as a location and aerial photographs of the topography were taken. The committee was given authority to proceed with an investigation regarding the use of MacDonald Island for a golf course.

Miskanaw Golf Course at present day

Miskanaw Golf Course at present day